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Signup in few seconds through our website. Just need your email address and choose a password to login into your reserved area. No credit card needed to try our service for 7 free days.


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Set our dns addresses into your device or if you prefer directly into your router. By setting them directly into your router you will able to access your streaming channels directly in all your devices connected on your WI-Fi network.


Whitelist your ip address

Access your reserved area and whitelist your ip address. This process is required because most of IP addresses assigned by ISP dinamycally change and we need to link your account with your IP address. Anyway through your reserved area you can find few options in order to update your ip address automatically every time it changes without accessing each time your reserved area.


Enjoy your streaming!

Now just relax! Sit down on your sofa and access your favourite streaming channel like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and much more... Discover all supported channels here.

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