How it works

Imagine a world with no geographical boundaries between countries.

All devices connected to internet use DNS servers which allow to trasform a name address in his own corrispective ip address.

Dns-Trick is a DNS service, also know as "Smart DNS", that will masquerade your real location from all the major streaming services and allow to unblock them. You will have no bandwidth loss using our technology, and just websites listed on our supported list are affected by our unblock service.
All other website will use Open-DNS as default, so in this way you can keep an high speed.

It’s very simply to get started using Dns-Trick:

  1. Create a free account
  2. Change the DNS on your device or router by following our setup guide.
  3. From this moment you will automatically appear in the correct location needed to use the supported services.

Very simple to setup, very fast to use.