Dns-Trick is a smart service which allow you to unblock and access any website, platform or web-service that has region restrictions.

Dns-Trick works in a way totally transparent for the user.

Using our dns address, through our service, you can elude all websites with access restrictions, because they suppose you are in the right country where their service is available.

Dns-Trick works togheter with your IP address in order to give you access to restricted websites.

Because most of IP addresses assigned by ISP dinamically changes, we need to link your account with you IP address, so every time your IP address changes you can update it by your reserved area and still access to your favourites restricted websites.

Your connection with any website is secure as before.

We don't collect any your data in our servers and we are not an ISP so we have not any control on your internet connection.

Dns-Trick is compatible with all devices such as PC, tablet, smartphones, media center, console and much more...

Please note that any channels are not compatible with all devices.

To know by which device is a channel supported visit the specific page on channels page.

You should follow our guide for configuring it on devices or directly into your router.

Go to our support page where you can read more about our service and how to configure it to unblock all supported websites.

If you need more clarifications open a ticket and our custom service will be happy to answer you.

  • Signup for an Account

  • Set our dns into your device

  • Access your favourite websites