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Setting up your ChromeOS device for OpenVPN Protocol
Last Updated 5 years ago

First of all you need to enter your terminal mode.

To create a new terminal mode window, hit CTRL+ALT+T, then you should see this:
Here, type "shell" and go on.

You’re now logged in with a restricted user account.

Next step is to get root access.
Type “sudo su” and go on. You should now be asked to select a root password.
Make sure to write it down somewhere, in case you forget it!

Now is the time to connect to the VPN.
First of all download the dnstrick.ovpn config file and store it where you prefer (i.e. Downloads folder).

Now you can simply connect to the VPN within console mode by running:
“openvpn /full/path/to/dnstrick.ovpn” (i.e. openvpn /home/chronos/user/Download/dnstrick.ovpn)

Next you’ll be prompted to type your VPN username and VPN password.

Once the client shows you something like “Initialization Sequence Completed”, that means you are successfully connected and you can go back to your normal desktop.

To leave the terminal mode, hit ALT+TAB

To disconnect from the VPN, go back to terminal mode just ALT+TAB and hit CTRL+C.

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